Sourcing, assembly, manufacture, supply and entry into Chinese market

Our services allow you to focus on your core-competencies and feel secure in our high standards of quality control.

The services we provide include:

• Company Formation • Brand Management
• IP Trademarks & Domains • Quality Control
• International Purchasing Office • Driving license
• Sourcing • Manufacturers Agent
• Factory Finding • Owners Representative
• Auditing • Accounts
• Manufacturing Services • Back Office
• Product Development • Owner’s Representative

Brand and Intellectual Property Protection

With entry into the China market, your company identity is at risk. We make sure your brand and your intellectual property will remain secure as we register your company name and assets, protecting you from the potential of theft.

Owner’s Representative

We are skilled and experienced in the role of manufacturer’s agent, as well as working with various products, in the Asian market. As owner’s representatives, we are your “ears and eyes on the ground” in your absence; protecting your interests and performing quality checks at regular intervals. We establish trusted relationships with dealers, contractors and future customers, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Contract Manufacturing

British Anzani has well over 20 years’ experience acting as product manufacturer and shipping client’s products, on their behalf. We are happy to take this task off your hands, which allows you time to focus on your core business duties.

Design, prototype, production ready and manufacture services

As an extra area of service to you, we can take your pre-made examples and drawings, and find the best company to produce your product. As part of our Product Management services, we take the design you need sourced, manufactured or exported to China, and commercialize it for you.

You want the job done properly, and with a company with experience, expertise, and a history of successful business relationships. But most importantly, you want a company you can trust. Let us be your first point of contact, and help you make the smartest choices throughout the entire production process. Contact us today; our team will be happy to make time for a friendly consultation, and get your project underway.